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HD OPTICS™ is Conforma's latest aspheric front surface geometry that can be applied to most single vision and multifocal lenses including VFL®3, Ellip-See-Con™, E-Lens™, Elite™ and custom spherical lenses.

Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced contrast sensitivity
  • Crisp, clear vision at distance, intermediate and near
  • Improved visual acuity, especially in moderate to high prescriptions
  • Improved comfort with reduced overall lens mass and edge profile
  • Increased overall add power on VFL3 Progressive Multifocal!

HD OPTICS™ has ADDitional benefits on VFL®3 Progressive Multifocal GP lenses. When combined with the standard add power generated by the aspheric back surface, the HDO aspheric front curve increases the overall add power by approximately +.50D.


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Update your GP lenses with Conforma HD OPTICS!


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