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Conforma to sign agreement with Edwards Optical Corporation to take on Business, Marketing and Distribution Operations

Norfolk, Virginia -- Conforma Contact Lenses will begin phasing in the Business, Marketing and Distribution Operations of the BITA® Low Vision Device effective 10/1/2004. The Bi-Level Telescopic Apparatus, (BITA) Low Vision Device will become a new product of Conforma Laboratories Inc, which has manufactured the actual BITA Telescope for EOC since the 1980's. New literature packages will be mailed to the current BITA accounts by the end of October. Literature packages are available to all Conforma accounts upon request. New BITA order forms are available on-line here.


Mel Sanford, (Former President/ CEO Conforma), began working with Brandon Edwards, (a low vision patient himself), in the late 70's on developing a miniature telescope mounted in the lens of a specially fitted pair of glasses. Unlike other telescopic devices, the BITA scopes are hardly noticeable because of their position and small size, with each scope weighing about as much as a paperclip. Unlike anything ever before available, BITA allows you to see a regular view and an exceptionally clear, magnified view simultaneously - a phenomenon called simulvision that must be experienced to be truly appreciated. With the help of a patented light entry system, the standard 3.30X power BITA brings 20/200 vision to the 20/50 visual range. Amazingly, these low-powered scopes remain focused without needing adjustment for distances from approximately three feet to infinity. BITA can also be easily adjusted for near work by merely turning the barrel of each scope.


The unique positioning of BITA's miniature scopes creates a bi-level effect called simulvision. Looking at a distance object with BITA, you see a magnified view just above your non-magnified view. The two are so close in your field of vision that they touch, allowing you to see both views simultaneously without confusion. BITA is also unique in that it enhances your vision through magnification while allowing you to retain full peripheral vision, depth perception and spatial orientation. Because of this remarkable characteristic, BITA can enhance many of life's most enjoyable activities, and in some states, can even help low vision individuals acquire driving status.


The BITA System not only offers unrivaled visual enhancement, it does so in an aesthetically pleasing way. Because the scopes are extremely small and are located within the lenses, they look almost like regular glasses. Special shading enhances your viewing and further camouflages the telescopic device. Your fashionable lightweight BITA glasses can be worn as comfortably and as regularly as any conventional eyeglasses.

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